Taipei to host largest same-sex marriage ceremony

Taipei is going to be hosting the largest same-sex marriage ceremony in the country. Even though same-sex marriage is not legal in the country yet, attitudes about homosexuality are shifting and interference from the government is not expected. Taiwan is in process of being the first Asian country to allow same-sex couples to legally adopt children. They also held the largest pride parade in Asia: over 30,000. Read the full article here.

It seems that many attitudes about sexuality and gender are shifting in Asia, how much of that do you think is led or influenced by Asian Americans? The marriage ceremony was in response to New York state’s newly passed law regarding same-sex marriages. There have been multiple attempts for same-sex marriage in Oregon as well, none of which have been successful.

If we are to truly advocate for Asian American rights, then by necessity we should also be advocating for basic human rights that affect Asian Americans as well: education, access to resources, personal/artistic expression, and freedom.


Simon Tam is a Chinese/Taiwanese American, an activist, and musician. He is the founder and bassist for The Slants, the first and only all Asian American dance rock band in the world. Presenting a bold, unapologetic view of the API experience through their music, Simon delivers workshops and talks on Asian American culture throughout the continent. He is an enthusiastic supporter of API advocacy organizations, adopting dogs, and fighting cancer.
An avid fan of music, reading, and diversity, Simon is a regular contributor to API Crossroads and You Offend Me You Offend My Family. His writing can be found at 

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