What is being APIA?

A post in Angry Asian Man yesterday touched on issues previously and currently affecting the APIA community.  While Phil Yu is on vacation, he enlisted California Assemblymember, Warren Furutani, to write a guest post.

Furutani’s article nicely synthesizes and summarizes the emergence of the APIA identity, and how we should move toward the future having had those past experiences.  He also proposes that APIA’s should look for ways to include other/all groups in our solidarity.  The piece is empowering and can be summed up by its great last lines:

How do we define Asian and Pacific Islander America? It is dynamic and ever changing based upon our collective changing American experience. We can define it any way we want.

Read the whole entry here.


Jillian Toda is an Oregonian from the Columbia River Gorge, where her great grandparents farmed upon arriving to America from Japan.   She is currently a student at Willamette University earning a B.A. in Rhetoric and Media Studies, with a minor in American Ethnic Studies, while also working toward an M.B.A. at Atkinson Graduate School of Management in Salem, OR.   New to blogging, Jillian’s personal blog can be found at http://reality-plus-me.blogspot.com/

One response to “What is being APIA?

  1. That was a fantastic post by Assemblyman Furutani – I think it’s important to recognize how labels change over time but the most important thing is that we as a community know ourselves.

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