Hapa Diversity Workshop (10/20)

Cultural Anthropologist, Dr. Linda Isako Angst, will be facilitating a workshop on diversity as part of the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center’s exhibit on Kip Fulbeck’s Hapa art (“part Asian, 100% Hapa).

Who are you? How do you get to know someone you perceive as different? How do we understand who we are in relation to others? What assumptions do we make about “us” and “them” in the course of everyday life? Taking its cue from the perspective of cultural anthropology, this workshop will ask participants to think—and then unthink—assumptions we hold about ourselves and thereby examine the stereotypes we create about cultural others. While we celebrate the diversity each of us holds as culturally situated individuals, we must also learn how to honor and support the proliferation of ethnicities within our midst. Thursday, October 20, 5pm, at the Legacy Center. Free, but pregistration is required.

Preregister at info@oregonnikkei.org or call (503) 224-1458. For more information on the Nikkei Legacy Center’s other activities, go here.

Exploring identity is increasingly important in today’s age of multiracialism and multiculturalism.  If for nothing else, perhaps more conversation around identity will help us get closer to answering that familiar question, “What are you?”.


Jillian Toda is an Oregonian from the Columbia River Gorge, where her great grandparents farmed upon arriving to America from Japan.   She is currently a student at Willamette University earning a B.A. in Rhetoric and Media Studies, with a minor in American Ethnic Studies, while also working toward an M.B.A. at Atkinson Graduate School of Management in Salem, OR.   New to blogging, Jillian’s personal blog can be found at http://reality-plus-me.blogspot.com/

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