Asian-American Heart Attack Care Now Similar to Whites

One of the greatest disparities that Asian Americans have been facing in this coutnry has been in the area of health care. API women tend to have the highest rates of breast and cervical cancer. API men don’t seem to fare better in other areas, such as Hepatitis. Some reasons stem from cultural differences, others from lack of access to quality care.

However, some research provides hope for Asian Americans who suffer from heart attacks.  Performance is improving in other areas. Let’s hope that everyone is able to enjoy the benefits of quality care, regardless of race.

Simon Tam is a Chinese/Taiwanese American, an activist, and musician. He is the founder and bassist for The Slants, the first all Asian American dance rock band in the world. His writing can be found at

One response to “Asian-American Heart Attack Care Now Similar to Whites

  1. Heart attacks can be prevented if we just do regular cardio exercises each day and we also watch our diet, avoiding fats. “”:’:

    Enjoy your weekend!

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